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Download the color chart (2.7mb pdf)

Color Chip Simulations

The color chips presented on the Color Chart are simulations of our in stock, ready to go colors. Of course they look different on different monitors, so use these as a general guide. If you have specific colors you want to use, let's talk and figure a Pantone Matching System color to reference. You can find that chart under tips and tricks also.




Standard Screen Print Colors

Standard stock inks for screen printing


Epic Standard Plasticol Inks
81000 Lemon Yellow 82500 Yellow 30400 Dolphin Orange 30200 Bright Orange
40000 Scarlet 43000 National Red 42000 Dallas Scarlet 45800 Russell Cardinal
48600 Burgundy 45400 Maroon 47600 Brandywine 50200 Purple
50400 Russell Purple 60000 Navy Blue 66100 Bears Navy 62100 Light Royal
60420 Deacon Blue 60650 Contact Blue 60700 Columbia Blue 75300 Turquoise
70500 Dallas Green 70000 Kelly Green 70200 Dark Green 75900 Black Light Green
23800 Spice Brown 24800 Koala Brown 13300 Russell Gray 14600 Dark Gray
12600 Rebel Flesh      


Epic Standard Super Opaque Inks
87020 Super Lemon Yellow 80100 Super Light Gold 80000 Super Gold 30401 Super Dolphin Orange
34800 Super Clockwork 40500 Super Red 42270 Super Drake Red 47030 Super Fuschia
57010 Super Purple 67040 Super Bright Blue 67050 Super Royal 60007 Super Marine Blue
75601 Super Spring Green      


Epic Standard Super Flourescent Inks
90010 Super Flourescent Yellow 90310 Super Flourescent Orange 90610 Super Flourescent Red 90410 Super Flourescent Pink
90110 Super Flourescent Blue 90810 Super Flourescent Purple 90210 Super Flourescent Green  


Epic Specialty Inks
Liquid Silver Liquid Gold Silver Glitter Gold Glitter
Silver Shimmer Gold Shimmer Ultra Gold Shimmer Yellow Sparkle


Epic Non-Phthalate Inks

*All inks available in non-phthalate technology.